Tathira Baatul

Nakba to now: 75 years of struggle for Palestinian freedom
To understand the current situation, it is essential to learn the history of what the Palestinian people have endured
Stripe is back!
After a brief hiatus, Stripe resumes its coverage of the latest in culture and society from the perspective of today's youth
France has launched a repair bonus to cut clothing waste. Bangladesh has embraced such practices for decades
Europe is introducing incentives to encourage people to repair garments instead of disposing of them. In this case, the West may look to Bangladesh
Stifled potential makes Lane Kim one of the most heartbreaking parts of 'Gilmore Girls'
The character's long struggle with her musical talent and the crushing weight of family and social expectation lingers with me
Appreciating Tagore, the bard of Bengal
I stopped taking music classes fairly early, but the vast oeuvre of Bengal's Nobel-Prize-winning poet has stayed with me ever since
August always comes too soon
As my sister and friends began travelling abroad for work and study, the first month of fall became one of goodbyes
The eternal echoes of Karbala: A tale of sacrifice, faith, and resilience
The story of the historic battle, passed down to me by my father, is an integral part of who I am
First trans Miss Netherlands winner dismantles traditional standards of beauty
Rikkie Valerie Kolle is not only the first transgender woman to take the prize, she is also of Indigenous Moluccan heritage