Elizabeth Piper

Britain's Labour Party deals double blow to PM Sunak's Conservatives
The double defeat underlined the flagging fortunes of the governing party and will do little to silence Sunak's critics
UK PM Sunak gambles on return of Cameron to win over moderate voters
Centrist lawmakers believe Cameron's appointment is inspired
Comeback king: Boris Johnson considering a run for UK prime minister
Out of power for a matter of months, comeback king Boris Johnson is once again being touted as the new leader
UK's Truss forced into humiliating tax U-turn
She reverses plans to cut the highest rate of income tax that helped to spark a rebellion in her party and turmoil in financial markets
After high profile sacking, UK civil servants fear for jobs under Truss
This is because the new boss Kwasi Kwarteng sacked the top official at the finance ministry on the day that Liz Truss was appointed prime minister
Britain's Truss faces whirlwind week as politics resumes after queen funeral
The British prime minister signals priorities by flying to her first major summit and rushing out measures to try to avert an economic slump
Seeking right tone, new UK PM Truss had to quickly change gear for queen
She is attending services of reflection across the country with King Charles, determined to strike the right tone in her first days in power
Booster rocket or Roman dictator? Boris Johnson says farewell, for now
Comparing himself to a booster rocket that had fulfilled its mission, the outgoing British prime minister says farewell to his Downing Street residence and office