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3 things that shook the art world in 2022
The rise of AI, an upside-down exhibition, and vandalism sparked conversations in the past year
Unease and identity in David Bowie’s ‘The Man Who Sold the World’
The song, memorably covered by Nirvana, has the same mixture of tragedy and thrill that marks Bowie’s best work
Why Meursault kills in 'The Stranger'
The motives for the incident may seem hazy, but are much clearer when you take a closer look at the words of Camus
How the identity of the black community and their reality shaped the art of Basquiat
The famous artist was a product of his environment and both its glories and shortcomings were apparent in his art
‘The Scream’ is one of the world's most famous paintings. But what does it mean?
Can delving into the artist and his use of colour and form give us more insight into the arresting image?
The dashes and rhymes in Emily Dickinson’s poetry
The distinct ebb and flow of the noted American poet’s verse makes for a thrilling and engaging read
Noam Chomsky’s conception of language as a natural agent may be the noted academic’s most intriguing idea
The illustrious public intellectual’s most important contribution might be from his day job as a linguist
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