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Asst. Manager/ deputy manager, training & employee relations

< 16 hours ago

Employee Engagement Programs & Events for company Employee Communications Conflict Management Exit Interview <!--

Android application developer

< 16 hours ago

Design and develop android application Analyze requirements and implement it into application Maintain design pattern, best practices, UI pixel perfection and quality code Contentiously adopt new...

Deputy project manager - urban resilience project

< 16 hours ago

This position will be responsible for implementing the Urban Resilience project in Dhaka and Narayangonj districts. Under the supervision of Project Manager, s/he will contribute in planning,...

Careline supervisor

< 16 hours ago

Improve customer service experience, create engaged customers and facilitate organic growth Take ownership of customers issues and follow problems through to resolution Set a clear mission and deploy...

Logistic executive

< 16 hours ago

To manage the pulling and packing of materials and arrange appropriate transportation. Support Warehouse Manager to placement of goods in Warehouse. Support Warehouse Manager to update record in...

Program officer, monitoring & evaluation, accountability & learning (meal)

< 16 hours ago

Develop and implement MEAL strategies in collaboration with the National Office and HRC/Project Offices for measuring organizational strength and performance at the field level and identifying program...

Officer/sr. Officer

< 16 hours ago

Assist in conducting Learning Needs Assessment (LNA) and preparing the learning strategy and calendar as per LNA along with maintaining proper documentation Assist in designing and implementing the...

Mechanical engineer

< 16 hours ago

Provide technical advice during troubleshooting and corrective action of instrument breakdown or failures to find the root cause and best solution in order to restore the functionality back to normal....

Warehouse manager (sr. Executive/ deputy manager)

< 16 hours ago

Strategically manage warehouse in compliance with company's policies and vision Oversee receiving, warehousing, distribution and maintenance operations Setup layout and ensure efficient space...

Vat executive/ senior executive

< 16 hours ago

Monthly VAT return preparation, return submission to concern VAT Circle Maintain all VAT related books based on VAT Compliance Preparation of VAT challan and keeping record Depositing of VAT,SD or any...

Regional admin responsible (sr. Executive/ asst. Manager)

< 16 hours ago

Monitor & manage Admin transnational services by strong operational control. Monitor & manage regional office's outsourced employee, end to end process.Prepare admin Capex & Opex budget for regional...

Mechanical engineer

< 16 hours ago

Provide technical advice during troubleshooting and corrective action of instrument breakdown or failures to find the root cause and best solution in order to restore the functionality back to normal....

Cvm insights & analysis manager

< 16 hours ago

Initiate analytical research to drive ARPU growth through improved targeting and the creation of new and enhanced propositions Support definition & implementation of a CVM Performance Management &...

Officer/ sr. Officer - demand planning & inventory management

< 16 hours ago

Collect data from different warehouses, procurements, marketing and Sales and prepare statistical data analysis for management and constantly inform supervisor/senior management about the critical...

Senior pattern maker (sample room)

< 16 hours ago

Compute dimensions of patterns according to sizes, considering stretching/Shrinkage of material. Create a master pattern for each size within a range of garment sizes, using charts, drafting...

Merchandiser/ sr. Merchandiser

< 16 hours ago

Excellent Knowledge on different types of Knitted fabrics, Spinning, Knitting, Dyeing Techniques, Printing & Washing (if applicable) To make costing, sourcing of trims & accessories, fabrics to be in...

Manager, sales operations

< 16 hours ago

Establishing sales objectives by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for regions and territories; projecting expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products Maintaining sales...

Best graphics design


বর্তম ন ফ্র ল্য ন্স /আউটস রস এর ন ম শ ন ন এমন ম নুষ খুব কমই আছ ন আমর সব ই জ ন বর্তম ন প্রত য গ ত র এই যুগ চ কর র ব জ র কত ট কঠ ন ল খ ল খ ব ক র ছ ল -ম য় স্ন তক/স্ন তকত্তর ড গ্র শ ষ কর চ কর র আশ য় বস...

Best web development training center


ক র্স শুরু :১০/১০/২০১৬ ই ভর্ত চলব :০৯/১০/২০১৬ই পর্যন্ত বর্তম ন তথ্য প্রযুক্ত র এই যুগ অন্যতম সৃজনশ ল প শ র ন ম হচ্ছ ওয় ব ড ভ লপম ন্ট ওয় ব দুন য় য় শত শত ওয় বস ইট এব ন ন ন রকম ওয় ব ড জ ইন এর ম ধ...

Best home based jobs

Soha N


We have one year our school data in files. And now we want to convert that data in excel sheet. So that in future we can maintain that proper style. We have 4 files and in each files approx. 1500 a4...

Budget & programming officer


JOB PURPOSE: To deliver budget and resource analysis and programming activities and/or provide support, partnering with managers to apply best practice approaches that support the efficient, effective...

Hr officer, rec & payroll


JOB PURPOSE: To support, implement and administer the effective and timely recruitment processes in hiring and retaining the best talents available to support the strategic human resources needs of...

Best outsurcing traning with live project


বর্তম ন ফ্র ল্য ন্স প শ ব্য পক জনপ্র য় হয় উঠ ছ আমর যখন মনস্থ র কর ফ ল য , আমর ফ্র ল্য ন্স ক ই প শ হ স ব ন ত চ ই তখন আম দ র অবশ্যই এট ও চ ন্ত করত হব য , আম ক ন স ক্টর ন জ ক প্রত ষ্ঠ ত করত চ ই আমর অন...

Best e-commerce sulotion


ব শ্ব য়ন র এ যুগ ইন্ট রন ট র কল্য ণ পৃথ ব র সবক ছুত য মন অনল ইন র ছ ঁয় ল গ ছ ত মন আম দ র ব্যবস -ব ণ জ্যও প ছ য় ন ই, আম দ র ব্যবস ব ণ জ্যত ও এখন ইন্ট রন ট ন র্ভর হয় পড়ছ ইন্ট রন ট ম নুষ র স মন খুল...

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