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World’s first metalhead president

He is a fan of Lamb of God, Metallica, Napalm Death and Led Zeppelin

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Justice system invites abuse!

US Ambassador Dan Mozena suggests Bangladesh's justice system that largely relies on confessions by the perpetrator encourages custodial tortures by law-keepers. Do you think so?


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  • Yes - 75%

  • No - 25%


Total number of votes: 101

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Benapole in holiday ‘trap’

Export-import through the land port will remain suspended for nine straight days

A crater marks the centre of a courtyard at a United Nations-run school sheltering Palestinians displaced by an Israeli ground offensive, that police said was hit by an Israeli shell, in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip July 24, 2014.

15 die in Gaza school shelling

The Gaza health ministry says Israel shelled a UN-run school sheltering Palestinians

Photo: NBC

Paltrow, Martin to give another shot

The estranged couple had announced in March that they were separating after being married for 10 years